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Mommy & Me Horse RIDE

Want some special One on One time with your little one? We have you covered! Register for a private Mommy & Me Horse Ride at Orrick Acres!

Offered Monday-Saturday at 9AM, Contact us directly for other options. 

All Sunday bookings will include a $50 Sunday booking fee. 

These Rides are Great for Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and even Families too! Contact us with any questions.

  • You and your child/children will:

    • Start your special time picking out and catching the horse/miniature horse you will be working with

    • After the horses are caught you will spend some quality time loving on our beautiful horses and making them look just how want them!

      • ​We will provide hair ties, bows, flowers and finger paint to beautify the horse and/or mini you are working with! Get creative, braid their mane and tail, place a mommy and me handprint on them with a heart, have fun creating something together!

    • Once you have beautified your horse and/or mini we will embark on a guided ride through our 20 acres of timber and pasture. 

    • ​After your ride you will be able to thank your horse and/or miniature with a carrot, apple and a yummy bucket of sweet feed! They will thoroughly enjoy their time with you. 

    • Lastly, you and your child/children will receive feed cups for a chance to tour the rest of the farm and feed and play with the rest of our Farm Friends

      • Here on the farm we have Horses, Miniature Donkeys, Alpacas, Lamas, Pigs, Goats, Rabbits, Sheep, Cows, Chickens. Ducks, Turkeys, Oh My! During the tour, guests can PET and FEED all of our farm friends,

Mommy and Me Horse Ride
Option ONE (1 child ages 3-6 and 1 adult) - $75
  • One horse for the adult to ride (rider must be 200# or less) and a miniature horse for children ages 3-6 (must be 50# or less).
    • Children will receive an assisted lead rope led ride by the Instructor, Penny Orrick, or by the parent if the parent chooses not to ride.
Option Two (children ages 7+ and 1 adult) - $75
  • One horse for the adult to ride and one horse for the child 7 years and older (all riders must be 200# or less).
    • These CAN be an assisted lead rope led rides by the Instructor, Penny Orrick, or by the parent if the parent chooses not to ride or they have the opportunity to try and ride independently.
Additional horses for extra children or adults (up to 2 extra children) - $20 per horse
Professional Photography - $50
  • Receive at least 5-10 retouched images (if not more) of your time on the farm!

Registration Policy:
  • Payment is due in FULL upon of Registration. This reserves your Mommy and Me Horse Class date and time. We accept, check, cash or Venmo (@orrickacres).  
Cancellation Policy:
  • A minimum of two weeks notice of cancellation prior to program date is required to receive any kind of refund, unless it is a weather related cancellation.  

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