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Horsemanship program


Goal: Our Horsemanship Program is geared for educational

purposes for organizations that are looking for a one time

lesson about general horse care, hands on horse grooming

and saddling, and horseback riding.

Program Cost:

  • Lead-line Ride (no reins): $15 per kid, 1 hour session

  • 5-10 Min. Assisted Ride (use of reins): $20 per kid, 1.5

        hour session

Group Capacity: We can accommodate up to 18 kids, there must

be at least 10 paid/partcipating kids. (siblings can participate as well)

Participant Requirements:

  • Participants must be 6 years or older.

  • All riders must have a sign Release of Liability Waiver to ride. These are located at the bottom of this page. Please try to have these signed before the event.

  • Everyone must follow ALL safety rules that are given at the beginning of the course.

  • It is highly suggested that riders wear long pants and closed toe shoes for the their own safety.

  • Riders must have a helmet to groom and ride the horses, if riders have bicycle helmets they could bring, this would allow more time with the horses and less time fitting helmets.

Course Itinerary

Section 1:

Participants will receive an interactive Horsemanship Information Sheet and will work together with Leader in completing it. They will learn what all is needed to take care of a horse on daily basis including all the tack (tools) needed to take care of them, important riding gear and the basics of how to ride a horse using western pleasure.

Section 2:

Participants will be split evenly into 4-6 groups (depending on the size of the entire group, we try to have no more than 3 kids in each group). Each group will be assigned a horse. At this time they will enter the horse area and practice leading their assigned horse.

Section 3:

Participants will take their horse to the hitching post and groom their hose based on the information they learned in Section 1.

Section 4: At this time depending on the course you requested, each participant will have a lead-line ride or have the opportunity to try this horse riding experience all on their own in our safe round pen.

Farm Fun Ad Ons

Want the fun to continue? We can extended your Farm Time with a Hay Ride or a Bon Fire, or both!

  • $50 Bon Fire

    • You get an extra half an hour on the farm and you may bring any accessories for the bon fire you would like!

  • $75 Bon Fire

    • You get an extra half an hour on the farm and we would provide 10 s’mores kits (each kit includes 4 graham cracker squares, 2 marshmallows and 4 pieces of chocolate) Each additional s’mores kit would be $1.50 per kit.

  • $50 Hay Ride

    •  We offer up to two rides around our 20 acres. You can do both loops at the same time or split them up ( for example, 1 ride before the bon fire and the 2nd ride after the bon fire).

Waiver of Liability

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